Building | Community

Memorial Presbyterian Church


A gathering place for the bruised and broken, a place of healing, new life, worship and release from shame, this is a place where Jesus is building gospel community. From the tower that shines as a beacon for the gospel in St. Louis to the stained glass and gothic spires and the spaces they house— Memorial’s building and grounds are a tool in the hands of Jesus, a tool dedicated to renewing the heart of St. Louis through his gospel.

It’s time to sharpen that tool. This is Building|Community

The communication phase of our Building|Community campaign has begun and during the next few weeks, we’ll expand on the vision to optimize the building and grounds—inside and out—to be a better tool for Building|Community. We’ll ask each of us, whether a student or retiree, to seek God’s leading as we discern our individual commitments. You’ll hear us using the phrase “equal sacrifice, not equal gifts” to clearly acknowledge the equal value of gifts of any sizes based on God’s leading.

But this is a call to sacrifice.

Since our last Capital Campaign from 2005-09, we’ve been observing the changing uses of the building and grounds and gathering input from the congregation to inform which opportunities to tackle next. Based on that input, we’ve prioritized a number of key improvements that will help the building better support where God is leading us, and reflect the church’s commitment to renew the city.

A Message from Greg Johnson

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Building|Community Online Commitment Card